Hey! You've read a little about me. Now, I want to read a little about you. (Spoiler: this is how a painting starts.)
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Every portrait is different. When you imagine my painting you, which of the following images from my website is the most interesting to you. *

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While I offer full service photography (including prints/albums), I only offer photography when a painting is also being commissioned. If you're also interested in a painting, just most interested in photography, we're still good to go!

If you are not interested in a painting at all, please still submit this form, because I have a lovely short list of photographers whom I admire greatly, and recommend whole heartedly, that I'd like to send you.
Introduce yourself (or let me know how you are, if we've met).

Then, tell me what you're thinking, at this very moment, about the painting(s) you want to commission. *

Thanks! Look to hear from me from 3-10 days, possibly with an awesome (surprise) attachment wink wink wink.
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Thank you! Look for your list from 3-10 days, and maybe a little fun 'thank you' surprise wink wink.
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